Cooking classes

//Cooking classes

Cooking classes

From: 105,00

  • Minimum: 3 students per group.*
  • Start date: 10 and 24 of September. Inquire about availability by email
  • High quality education in the teaching of Spanish for foreigners.
  • Steps to signup:
  1. Select the number of students. Remember the minimum is 3 students per group.
  2. Select a credit per student (5, 10, or 20 hours).
  3. Select the start date for your course. (10 or 24 september). 
  4. Check the cost of the course and add your purchase to the cart by pressing the button.
  5. Now you can go to the order and finalize your purchase.


What we eat and how we do it, this is the question. Gastronomy is the best representative of the idiosyncrasy of a community. This workshop will take us by the hand in order to get to know and practice Spanish culinary culture, and different culinary practices of Hispanic countries as well. You will want to lick your fingers!

* In the exceptional case that there are only 1 or 2 students of the same level, enrolled in the course, the school reserves the right to convert the course into a private or semi-private class, reducing the hours by 50%. See “contract conditions”


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