Courses for the official degree in Spanish awarded by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Spain. They have international recognition and indefinite validity.

  • DELE Course

    From 474,00
    • Start date: 2 or 4 weeks before the exam date.
    • Examination date: Check the date of the DELE exams.
    • Reduced classes: Average of 7 students. (Minimum 3 students - Maximum 10 students per class) *
    Course break: 1 week for every 8 weeks of course. You need to give 4 weeks notice.

    Steps to place your order:Choose the number of weeks of the course (2 or 4 weeks).

    • Choose the start date of the course. Choose the Start section on
    • Monday for the week you want your course to begin.
    • Check the amount of your course and add your purchase to the cart by clicking on the button.
    • Now you can go to your order and finish the buying process.

    Note: When choosing the beginning of the course, remember that it should start on Monday.

  • Course DELE + CCSE

    From 400,00
    • Start Date: 2 or 4 weeks before the official date.
    • Exam Date: See the exam dates for CCSE
    • Reduced Classes: Average of 7 students. (Minimum of 3-Maximum of 10 students per class)*
    • Steps for Enrollment:
    1. Pick your course start date. Scroll down in the Start button to the “Corresponding Monday” of the week that you wish to start your course. 
    2. Select the payment of your course and add this purchase to your cart by pressing the button.
    3. Now you can go to your cart page and finalize your payment.

    Note: Remember that the start of each course is on Mondays. 

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