We are a reference center and recognized in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language


The Santa Barbara Spanish School is run by specialists from the field of education with more than 30 years of experience. With 2 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELE).

SANTA Bárbara is an independent and unique school, expert and innovative in the teaching of Spanish, led by specialists in the field of education. It’s a project come true by a great team. Our goal is to promote Spanish learning with a student-centered methodology as a self-employed learner, oriented to understanding and understanding among people from different countries and cultures. We have the presence of different nationalities in the center such as French, Italian, German, Belgian, American, Chinese, etc…

SANTA Barbara SPANISH SCHOOL listens to you, advises you, advises you and offers you a customized and flexible solution for your needs. The type of course, the accommodation, the activities will be oriented to your objectives.


Innovation: requires continuous learning.

Leadership: We face challenges and give them solutions.

Cooperativism: cooperation and team participation and transparent management.

Professional ethics: we work with respect, professionalism and integrity.

Tolerance: in the face of the diversity of opinions, beliefs and cultures.

Sensitivity: immediate customer service.

Confidence: security offered by the center. The students are surrounded by the best professionals.

Empathy: student personal problem solving. Custom assessments and follow-ups would be performed.

Tangible: classrooms perfectly equipped with new technologies and suitable to promote the learning of students.


Learning in SANTA Barbara SPANISH SCHOOL means living an exciting, enriching and highly effective learning experience. SANTA Bárbara is recognized for its very high quality of teaching, based on a communicative and humanist approach. You are the protagonist, the professor accompanies you. The main objective is to provide the student with the strategies and knowledge necessary to function in a Hispanic environment in which different cultures converge. In order to achieve this goal, the professor combines theory and practice, addressing all the pragmatic, linguistic and functional aspects of the spoken language,together with socio-cultural information, essential key to obtaining competence Communicative. Grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, oral expression and interaction, and written expression and interaction are always integrated in order to bring the student closer to an authentic communicative environment.


  • It has a Teaching Plan to ensure the proper progress of students’ learning.

  • It has a team of qualified teachers.

  • Follow a methodology tailored to students’ needs.

  • Conduct program and course evaluations.

  • It promotes the participation of its students in the tests for the obtaining of the Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) in the center itself or in the examination centers of the environment.

  • Guide your students on their progress in learning Spanish.

  • It has equipped classrooms and adequate resources for teaching.

  • It has agile procedures to gather the opinion of its users.

  • It addresses student complaints and complaints.

  • It provides complete and detailed information about the courses and services they offer.

  • He makes a truthful publicity of his offer.

The school is a 2-minute walk from Olavide Square and 5 minutes from Iglesias Metro. Located in one of the most chaste neighborhoods of Madrid with a great gastronomic and commercial offer.

Description of the centre

3 classrooms, 1 library, function room, meeting room, teacher’s room, management office, gym, ballroom, café, 5 floors with 2 elevators and 1 forklift. Bathrooms on all floors with disabled access.


The team of teachers of SANTA Barbara is highly qualified,motivated, stable and works with enthusiasm and professionalism in the teaching of Spanish. All our teachers are specialists in teaching Spanish for foreigners and many of them have postgraduate, master’s and/or doctoraltraining of their specialization. In addition to their extensive experience, our teaching team is dynamic, open, outgoing, affable and has a great motivation, which makes the process teaching/learning especially fun and attractive to students.



Francisca de Borja Pardo
Francisca de Borja Pardo

Degree in Mioderna Philology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Doctoral courses at the University of Burgundy (Dijon). Assistant of Conversation courses 1994/95-1995/96 at the Lycée Le Castel and Collége J.P Rameau . Professor of Spanish foreign language of Middle Education and F.P in Dijon (Borgoña) between 1996-2001. Professor of Spanish Foreign language in Liaison Classroom between 2003-2005 alternating with teaching French Foreign Language at the Colegio Santa Bárbara (Madrid) English course at the University of Montreal (Canada) summer 2013


María Sabas Elías
María Sabas Elías

María Sabas holds a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Deusto (Bilbao) and a Master’s degree in teaching skills from the same university. He has also studied Journalism at the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao). She has been teaching Spanish as a foreign language since 1986. She has been Academic Coordinator at Ideal Education Group for the Enforex and Enfocamp brands. María has been responsible for the DELE exam and the CCSE test for the Instituto Cervantes. She has also been a tutor of the internship of the Masters of Spanish as a foreign language for the University of Alcalá de Henares and for the University Antonio de Nebrija. She has been a linguistic proofreader for the Susaeta publishing house. She teaches the Master’s Degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language at the Comillas Foundation (University of Cantabria). He has specialized in pronunciation in the teaching of Spanish, a subject on which he has given various courses and workshops and on which he has written several manuals. She is co-author of the collection Nuevo Prisma at levels A2, B1 and B2, in the section of pronunciation and spelling, of the publishing house Edinumen, specialized in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.


Dolores Alonso


José Ángel Díaz Blanco
José Ángel Díaz BlancoSPANISH TEACHER

Degree in Classical Philology. Master’s degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language in professional fields. Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Teacher of ELE for companies.

Pedro Moreno García
Pedro Moreno GarcíaSPANISH TEACHER

Degree in Hispanic Philology. Audiovisual Communication Studies. Doctorate courses in the History and Theory of Theatre programme. Master of Literary Studies Courses.

José Antonio Soto Cruz
José Antonio Soto CruzSPANISH TEACHER

Degree in Hispanic Philology Master in Spanish Literature. Accreditation of DELE examiners: levels A1 and A2


Ivonne Gaztañaga

Ivonne Gaztañaga holds a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Deusto (Bilbao) and a Master’s degree in teaching skills from the same university. Along with teaching, cooking is his other great passion. She assures that this has been a genetic thing as her family has been dedicated to restoration generation after generation.

José Manuel Pardo

José Manuel Pardo is a stage director. He studies at the School of Dramatic Arts and graduates from Darlington College with a Master’s degree. In 2004, he moved to the front of the Karpas Theatre. He then set up his own production company “De dos por dos” where he directed and produced the musicals “Alguien lo escribió por ti”. He has consolidated his career as a stage director with titles such as “The Other Side Of The Bed”, “I Eleanor of Aquitaine” and “Mom and Dad’s Things”.

Juan Díaz

Juan Díaz is a renowned Spanish actor. He has worked as an actor in Spanish films such as “La Buena Vida”, directed by David Trueba. “Ecstasy”, directed by Mariano Barroso. “Africa”, directed by Alfonso Hungary. “November”, directed by Achero Mañas. He has also worked on well-known Spanish television series such as “Cuéntame Cómo Pasó”, “La Que Se Avecina”, “Amar En Tiempos Revueltos”, “Los Misterios De Laura”, etc. In addition to performing in numerous plays.

Claudia Ferranti

Tourist guide with more than ten years of experience, pedagogical training and extensive knowledge of the historical and artistic heritage. Expert in the management and accompaniment of groups. Ability to adapt tourist visits to the knowledge, demands, concerns and ages of customers. Claudia has worked as an actress and presenter on Spanish and Italian television. She has trained in flamenco and contemporary dance.

Claudia Quintana

Degree in Veterinary Medicine specialist. He is a level III sports technician in horse riding. He has the Certificate-Diploma in horse riding adapted for people with disabilities. You have the First Certificate in English.. She is the Director of the Baytar Equestrian School in Madrid.


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